Nigel Price Organ Trio

Friday 21 Oct 2022


He began with “This Could Be the Start of Something Big” – and IT WAS!!

He ended with a rumbustious version of his own “Booze Blues” which had the audience clapping and cheering for quite a while afterwards.

This brilliant trio displayed all the benefits of their mastery of their instruments and of playing together frequently over several years.

The “Big” start was lively and exciting and finished with fours being traded between Joel and, alternately, Nigel and Ross. The first of two tributes to favourite guitarists of Nigel was called “Far Wes”, with that lovely West Coast sound being transformed into a waltz.

“In a Mellow Mood” followed, with some apt accenting by the propulsive Joel and imaginative playing from Ross after Nigel had built up his solo superbly. Freddie Hubbard’s “Up Jumped Spring” was given a bright and enlivening treatment with a series of time changes throughout, ending with an exceptional solo from Joel. The first half finished with the second of Nigel’s tributes to a favourite fellow-guitarist – Kenny Burrell – calling it “K.B. Blues”, which highlighted the dynamics of Ross’s playing and a beautifully constructed solo from Joel.

Nigel began the second half with a memorable, unaccompanied introduction to “All In”, based on “Body and Soul”, from his Heads and Tales album. The beautiful ballad “Falling in Love with Love” was next, but given a typically vigorous ending! Then we really were in a mellow mood with “Don’t Look Back” inspired by “You Don’t Know What Love Is” with Joel using brushes and Nigel playing exquisitely. For a change of style, a “Funky Thing” was easy-going and joyful, with an exciting up-tempo ending after Ross had us all nodding our heads and tapping our feet with his solo. Lastly came the uninhibited “Booze Blues” with Nigel, in particular, letting fly with a masterful display of technique and rapture – the latter just like the audience!

What a great evening it was, with three virtuosos playing with the same evident enjoyment as the audience listened and Nigel’s always amusing and informative introductions to each number adding greatly to the evening – he’s a master at that as well!                                                   


Photos from the event

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