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His 'n' Hers - featuring Dave and Judith O'Higgins

Friday 18 Nov 2022

Dave O’Higgins – Tenor Saxophone (picture)

Judith O’Higgins – Tenor Saxophone (picture)

Graham Harvey – Piano

Jeremy Brown – Bass

Josh Morrison – Drums

Simpatico husband and wife projects are a rarity – which is why the partnership of Judith and Dave O’Higgins is particularly notable. Dave O’Higgins has been a leading light of the UK jazz scene for the last 30 years, a highly in-demand player with 22 albums to his name and remains a longtime member of the Darius Brubeck Quartet, mean while Judith O’Higgins has managed to juggle her many high-calibre jazz projects alongside her work as a forensic pathologist and author.

This performance is based on their album released in 2020 that includes three new originals and three “greatest hits” from their two-tenor book, honed over a few years of gigs, with the pair backed by a hard-swinging UK trio of Graham Harvey (piano), Jeremy Brown (bass) and Josh Morrison (drums).

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