Quentin Collins Quartet

Friday 18 Feb 2022

This concert encountered a series of problems but became one to be remembered as a true jazz experience. It was intended to be with the Sara Dowling Quartet yet three days before she, unfortunately, tested positive for Covid, as did her bass player husband Dario.  Another singer and a bass player had to be found. Sara Oschlag and Mátyás Hofecker agreed to deputise but in the event, due to train cancellations on the afternoon of the concert, we again lost our singer. Within hours of the concert trumpeter, Quentin Collins stepped in but was not able to arrive until after the start of the concert. This allowed us the opportunity to hear a wonderful piano trio get us underway with the first three numbers including Cedar Walton’s ‘Bolivia’. On arrival, Quentin went straight into ‘You Stepped Out of a Dream’ on trumpet, following introductions he then picked up the flugelhorn for a beautiful rendering of ‘Here’s That Rainy Day’. The whole evening developed into something of a jam session without a sheet of music or tablet in sight, with the opportunity for excellent solos from Mátyás on piano, the other Mátyás on bass and Steve on drums, a real spontaneous improvised jazz experience. The music continued with Mal Waldron’s ‘Soul Life’ and several other Cedar Walton tunes, finishing the evening with his ‘Bitter Sweet’. An evening full of surprises, but great jazz for a weather-reduced audience of jazz connoisseurs. 


Photos from the event

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