2022 CJC All-Stars

Friday 24 Jun 2022

An intriguing line-up of fine musicians only coming together for the first time at 2 o’clock on the afternoon of the concert for a rehearsal. The new arrangements of standards and originals from various members of the band were brought together for an enthralling concert, starting with a lively ‘Hanky Panky’ to get things moving, with the three-horn front line bringing a powerful sound. The programme of music showcased the talents of all the musicians, each outstanding on their particular instruments, Allison doubling on alto and flute and pianist Eriko with a couple of vocals, and it was great to see the sheer joy of playing from Migdalia on drums. Hannah provided the introductions including anecdotal family background to originals ‘Forget-Me-Not’ and ‘Frozen Light’ and wrote a new tune, ‘Chasing Daisies’, especially for the occasion.

A fitting finale to a great season, what a pity they only came together for this one occasion. 

Photos from the event

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