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Matt Ridley Quintet

Friday 17 May 2019

The wonderful Mat Ridley Quintet augmented to a Sextet with the addition of Alex Hitchcock on tenor sax. The evening began, perhaps not inappropriately, with tunes called Mental Cases and Strange Meeting providing a great introduction to what was ahead. Next a standard from Monk with ‘I Mean You’, followed by hip-hop based ‘Gangsta Gangsta’ . The first set finishing with a hard driving ‘Moanin’. The second set just got better with 'Yardeville’s Canon' by Jason and even some Soft Rock from Mat and a finale with a truly memorable drum solo from George.

An exciting and exhilarating evening of contemporary jazz for the connoisseur, to be savoured for some time to come.

Mat Ridley on bass, Jason Yarde on soprano and baritone sax, John Turville on piano, Ant Law on guitar and George Hart drums.

Photos from the event

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