Darius Brubeck Quartet

Friday 07 Sep 2018

The name Brubeck clearly brought out many to Chichester Jazz Club; what they expected can only be guessed. What they got was not Brubeck, Dave, but Brubeck, Darius with amusing anecdotes about growing up in California and then New England in a house where music, practical and theoretical, was a constant topic.

 The outcome of this upbringing was clear at the gig. Creative, thoughtful playing, giving a nod towards his father where appropriate, such as in the rendition of Take Five or Blue Rondo, both well-known Dave Brubeck numbers, but refreshingly treated, individual in approach and execution. Darius' own compositions were equally interesting and enjoyable to listen to as well as notably different to what had gone before.

 The group played well with each other, thoughtful and respectful of each other's space, creating a whole, which was fascinating and enjoyable. A good night, everyone took something away, whether it was what they expected, only they know.

Photos from the event

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