Harmony Less Quartet

Friday, May 15, 2020

Tommaso Starace – Alto saxophone
Dave O’Higgins – Tenor saxophone
Alec Dankworth – Bass
Chris Nicholls – Drums

The Harmony Less Quartet is a new project by alto saxophonist Tommaso Starace who has brought together a quartet of musicians that includes one of Britain’s best Tenor saxophonists Dave O’Higgins along with Alec Dankworth on bass and Chris Nicholls on drums.

The Quartet gets its title from the absence of harmonic instruments such as the guitar or piano. The absence of these instruments gives the opportunity for both horns (alto and tenor) to improvise with more harmonic freedom as if they are each in a trio context when either is left to solo. The melodies of the horns therefore give more character and harmony to the compositions.

Tommaso explores new original tunes and revisits some of the great jazz standards of the past such as Trinkle-Tinkle (Monk), Bebop (Gillespie), Grand Central (Coltrane).

Prepare yourselves for high doses of adrenaline and full on hard swing.