Chichester Jazz Club

The Jay Phelps Quintet

Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Canadian born Jay Phelps arrived in the UK when he was seventeen and in due course became a graduate of Trinity College of Music. Before long he was playing with outstanding British musicians including the stars of Jazz Jamaica and Tomorrow’s Warriors.

His stunning playing, and highly creative compositions and arrangements with the young ground-breaking group Empirical, attracted plaudits from audiences and the jazz press.

Since leaving Empirical he has continued to expand his musical horizons, leading a variety of groups from quartets to a big band, which was a sell out at Ronnie Scott’s.

Members may also have seen his performance in the BBC drama ‘Dancing On The Edge’.

Jay acknowledges his debt to trumpet legends such as Miles Davis, Clifford Brown and Freddy Hubbard. His recent tour and album ‘Projections of Miles’ reinforced his reputation as a player, arranger and composer at the forefront of contemporary developments in the British jazz scene.

For CJC, Jay will feature the music of Freddy Hubbard. However, we can expect some of Jay’s stunning re-arrangements of, what would be for some, familiar material.

He is accompanied by talented musicians who have made their own valuable contributions to the contemporary British jazz scene as composers, arrangers and band-leaders.

Ex-Jazz Messenger Jean Toussaint on tenor will be known to many for the impact he has made at premier jazz venues since coming to the UK. Young, gifted and adventurous pianist Rick Simpson and Mark Lewandowski on bass will be adding their own vital contributions to the performance. Shane Forbes, co-leader of Empirical, will enrich proceedings with his subtle and elegant drumming.

Prepare to be at the cutting edge of British jazz!

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