Chichester Jazz Club

Rythme Futur

Friday, September 16, 2011

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George Trebar took up the bass at the age of twelve. Discovering jazz in his twenties, he first established himself in Gypsy Jazz - often with the experienced guitarist Baz Meyer - but George has played a wide range of jazz.

Rythme Futur will put the emphasis on swinging jazz: swing, jazz standards, gypsy jazz, and some originals, with Nils Solberg, a popular and respected player of both gypsy Django-style jazz guitar and mainstream electric guitar, and James Evans, an outstanding and original reeds player, who started playing traditional jazz but now works increasingly in other styles, often with his own bands.

Full line-up: George Trebar - bass, James Evans clarinet, saxes and vocals, Nils Solberg guitar and vocals, Baz Meyer - guitar.

Guest admission 10.

All meetings start at 7.45pm - doors open at 6.30pm

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