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Max Collie's Rhythm Aces

Friday, March 20, 2009

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Born in Melbourne in 1931 Max Collie moved to England and formed the Rhythm Aces in 1966, playing mainly New Orleans jazz. The band has appeared around the world, performing in numerous festivals and tours in the USA and Europe. It remains one of the most popular bands on the UK club and festival circuits.

Today’s Rhythm Aces combine experience and young talent, exemplified by two fine musicians who joined the band in January 2008. Drummer Baby Jools, only 21, combines individuality with respect for the traditions of the music. Max describes his joining the Rhythm Aces as ‘launching him on the international jazz scene’. Gentleman Jim McIntosh first played with the band in 1968 and stayed for over 20 years. During his absence from the Rhythm Aces he worked with many bands, most recently Phil Mason’s New Orleans All Stars.

Come and hear this fine band on their CJC debut.

Guests £8.00

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