Chichester Jazz Club

Mark Bassey / Simon Savage Quintet

Friday, July 17, 2009

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Brighton-based trombonist Mark Bassey and tenor-saxist Simon Savage have frequently worked together, often in bands led by Mark. Mark is well known not only as one of the best trombonists around but also as an arranger, composer, teacher and irrepressible showman. Mark and Simon identified a niche in the jazz club market for a two-instrument front line to work with local rhythm sections to play appealing but not overcomplicated arrangements of quality mainstream and modern jazz.

To launch this effort they recorded an album, Two Heads Are Better Than One, with a top rhythm section of Brighton-based musicians, one of whom pianist Roy Hilton will be playing at CJC along with Adam King, the young bassist who was so impressive when he played at CJC in April 2008 with the Jack Kendon Quintet. Spike Wells is now confirmed to play drums.

Guests 9.00

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